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What Our Clients Say

I am so glad I found this place! In just a few visits, my back and shoulder feel so awesome. I have had endless physical therapy on both, prior to this, and Dr. Mohr has done more for me in two weeks, than I got in over 6 mos of PT. Not to mention – they have chiro, acupuncture, and massage all in one place. So convenient. Thanks! I’m a huge fan.
Val B.

I found myself in need of a chiropractor back in February and reading the previous reviews I tried this place out. Dr Travis Mohr got me back feeling 100% after having back/muscular pain. Since then, I re-aggravated my upper back muscles and didn’t hesitate to make an appointment to see him again. The office staff are friendly, professional and wonderful to work with. Appointments are easy to schedule. I highly recommend Dr Travis Mohr. He is truly a caring, humorous and knowledgeable chiropractor.

Lisa R.

This entire practice is top-notch. The therapists are phenomenal and the office staff are super attentive, always smiling! Not to mention Dr. Travis is absolutely brilliant at what he does. After 10 months of roadblocks working with an orthopedic for an ankle injury, they finally told me surgery was my last resort. So I frantically sought out other options. I am SO grateful to have found Dr. T who figured out the root issue in just ONE visit, and had me healed in 2 months! THANK YOU!

Ashley W.

Dr. T and his entire staff are great, they treat you like family; they are not only good at their jobs but genuinely nice people. This is one of the best doctors offices I have been a part of and I am very glad I found them. Dr. T takes real time to sit with you and talk about any pain that you may be in and does his best to ease any of your discomfort, his humor is always fun too. I used to be really uneasy about going to a chiropractor, but I am very glad that I did, my body has definitely changed for the better. The whole experience in this office is great, I highly suggest for anyone.

Sarah M.

What can I say ??? I had a really old injury back in high school which triggered one day so I decided to check myself in a chiropractor and I have never written any review before in my life. THIS RIGHT HERE is the REAL DEAL. Dr. T knows what he is doing! My shoulder are still weak but he got them back to normal functionally condition. DO NOT GO TO ANY OTHER CHIRO. THIS IS THE ONLY BEST CENTER. And the front desk are always so lovely and kind. (:

Janalyn B.

Dr. Travis and his team are really great. Rescheduling appointments are really flexible and the front desk do their best to accommodate based on our best available timings. Massage therapists were really good and they do an awesome job. And Absolutely no waiting time. Dr Travis helped me with my neck ,shoulder and lower back pain. With suggestions and stretching exercises and massages my life is way better.

Meena R.

Dr. T and his staff are wonderful! I have lived many places in my life and visited many different chiropractors. My Dr. T visits have been like no other. He listens, discusses treatment and will create a program for me (not like some chiropractors that want you sign up for multiple visits over 3-4 moths no matter what your issues are). Dr. T is genuine and here for his patients one-on-one.

Thomas L.

Frequently asked questions

What Conditions Do You Treat?

At North Tampa Spine & Joint Center we treat nearly every neuromusculoskeletal, muscular, skeletal, and joint problem. We treat a wide variety of conditions, from chronic to acute. If it involves mobility, function, or movement, then it’s probably something that we treat!

Do You Accept My Insurance?

We accept all forms of insurance.

What Should I Expect During My First Visit?

During your first visit, the Doctor will discuss your current symptoms and gather information about your medical history. After a brief examination he will explain the cause(s) of your symptoms and discuss your treatment options. Once you have an understanding about what is going on, he will perform your first treatment and answer any questions that you may have about symptoms and/or future treatment options.

What Should I Wear To My Appointments?

You can typically wear anything that you would like to your appointments, but it is recommended that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Our office also has clothing that we can provide should you need it.

How Long Should I Expect My First Visit To Take?

Plan on approximately 30-40 minutes for your first visit.

Do I Need To Have Imaging Done Before My Visit?

No. If the Doctor finds a need to have imaging performed then we will set that up through our office. However, if you have images related to your condition please bring them to your first appointment.